Sunday, March 6, 2011

Destiny's Rehab: WTF: Michelle Obama Beyonce Let's Move .


SMH.where do I start with this story.

First of all before I begin let me show how sick I am with the Obama administration. I will acknowledge that I voted for President Obama because I thought he would do what he said he would do. But in the preceding two days his government had through the contrary to me.

The fact that his organization seems to be so fascinated to relate themselves with celebrities even when some of them are found guilty of bad association is a secret to me.

The voice that really annoys me is the fact after countless news organizations and media called out all of these celebrities who perform for Quaddafi and family. It seems the one position that should have distance themselves with these celebs seems to just play the dim eye!

Beyonce just was found guilty of playing for a terrorist. She made a poor excuse to distance herself from winning the blood money and lied.

Now all of a sudden Michelle wants to team up with Beyonce to help kids lose weight? GTFOH!

How can we apply these celebs accountable and have an example if our own government who say to condemn this sh*t just ignores it? Or do I dare say the US administration is precisely as guilty of supporting Quaddfi foolishness as well. One hand washes the former back huh?

Here is the account from
" With the assistance of The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation
(NABEF), Beyonce is helping to encourage kids to remain alive and get moving by dancing!

The singer has re-written and re-recorded one of her songs for middle school students across the U.S. to do a pre-choreographed dance exercise at 1:42 p.m. on May 3.

The initiative, called the "Let's Move! Flash Workout", is designed to indicate documentation for Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign to curb childhood obesity.

Beyonce has not only provided music, but has personally recorded an instructional video demonstrating the dance routine for students.

Definitely an amazing idea that we think kids will LOVE!

Let's hope the First Lady and Beyonce's efforts to encourage children to be a goodly and active lifestyle will have a huge impact on the this multiplication of youngsters."
Rehabbers, It is time to bear up for foolishness like this. It is time to afford a ring to your representative and congresswoman to ask why Michelle Obama is teaming up with Beyonce of all people to fight for children.

If Michelle needed someone to assist children get fit, then heck called Serena or Venus Williams to help! Get somebody who is athletically fit to coach kids. Heck get a professional. Why would they get an entertainer who p-pops across the present to help kids exercise? Let alone an entertainer who performed for Quaddafi of all people!

The final time I check, "pelvic thrusting" (aka p-poppin) did not qualify as proper usage for children! PARENTS.IT IS Time TO PUT YOUR Foot Down AND BOYCOTT THIS BS!
Call this foolishness out. 2011 is the sentence to say enough of this crap.

Your thoughts?

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